Sustainable Energy Marketplace

Number of projects in the market place
1510 MW
Combined capacity of projects in the market place (power generation projects only)
3.2 bn US$
Total investment cost




Most Latin American countries have demonstrated significant economic growth over the last several decades, leading to a higher energy demand and the need to significantly expand the supply infrastructure. Electricity demand will increase an estimated 3% a year in Latin America and require an estimated 341GW of gross new capacity installed by 2030, of which an estimated 276 GW will be with renewable energy technologies.[1] Although costs for these renewable energy technologies continues to decline, the total investment opportunity is in the hundreds of billions of dollars over the next 15 years. But country for country, the region remains a very diverse landscape of markets in size, stability, and complexity of sector structure. Markets such as Mexico and Brazil may be comparable in size but their structure and future growth are widely different. There are large investment opportunities in smaller markets such as Panama and Uruguay, but the regulatory and permitting structures are very different. No matter which market is being considered, to meet the region's energy needs requires a significant scaling up of investment for renewable energy options and a concerted global effort to achieve this. To address these issues by enhancing bankability and financing of renewable energy projects in the region, IRENA is launching the Sustainable Energy Marketplace.

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